Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.

– Jack Kerouac

Going to new places, meeting new people and forging new stories is everyone’s aspiration but sometimes we are held down by constraints like time, job, family or money. The day-to-day activities may be mundane but these travel-based accounts on Instagram portray thrilling images of places from all around the world that will leave you bedazzled and inspire you to attain those long-held plans and put that itinerary to use. If not, then you can enjoy these images while sitting at home, work or wherever you are, and travel through your phone’s screen. Take a look.

  1.  tentree

This 2 million strong account, renders a variety of images of captivating places. Mainly posting images of the natural environment. Despite of being a clothing brand, their account is mainly travel inspired. They also plant ten trees for every item sold, contributing towards the phenomena of the natural world they depict in their account.

  1. earthpix

Capturing the earth in it’s most naked form, their pictures drawn out from vibrant colors present landscapes in the most unpretentious way but would still leave you impressed. They also showcase a portfolio of animals and birds complementing these alluring places. Started planning a trip yet?

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A touch of sun ⛅️ Photo by @ilhan1077

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  1. travelandleisure

Presenting seascapes and hills that would make you want to step out of the fast-paced city and stop and smell the roses beside the foliage of greenery, surrounded by mountains that peak till the sky.

  1. natgeotravel

Perceive photos, history, facts and information through their descriptive captions and pictures from countries and cities around the world. This account explores the world through the lens of their photographers.

  1. nytimestravel

Illustrating architectures and cultures of different parts of the world. Personating a story in each picture, nytimestravel provides a range of pictures, hence a range of stories.

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  1. gopro

A company manufacturing eponymous action cameras show the world, to the world through their lens. Their account is filled with pictures taken from angles that one couldn’t imagine before, impacting the viewer’s perception.

  1. the.wowclub

Women on Wanderlust(WOW), is a travel club organising all women holidays. Established, in 2005 their Instagram account, ‘the.wowclub’ delineates their adventures as these women take over the world also contradicting the past notions of women being dependent and emerging women empowerment.

  1. navaneeth_unnikrishnan

A rather unconventional page, photographer Navaneeth Unnikrishnan captures the planet with all it’s constituents in an ethereal way, which would put you in a state of euphoria. Also capturing the space through his lens that form a setting for a landscape or a structure making the picture look surreal.

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Intense Airglow looking like an Aurora. Shot from Lanza, Spiti Valley, India  The airglow is the light of electronically or vibration-rotationally excited atoms of molecules 80 km or higher. Aurorae are at similar heights and are also the light of excited atoms. There is a difference, however, auroral excitation is by collisions with energetic particles whereas daytime short wavelength solar radiation produces the airglow via chemical excitation of which electronically excited oxygen atoms are the main component. © @navaneeth_unnikrishnan #astrophotography #india #photographers_of_india #landscape #picoftheday #photooftheday #photography #stars #milkyway #spiti #nightphotography #natgeospace #landscapephotography #naturalbeauty #instagood #universetoday #nature_perfection #beautiful #instanaturelover #instanature #wilderness #bravogreatphoto #lonelyplanet #tourist #poi #dslrofficial

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  1. beautifuldestinations

Representing structures, architecture, terrains and the sea which are monumental in nature. As the page’s name suggests they show the most beautiful destinations from around the globe, capturing surreal moments that seem to go beyond belief.

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