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Buckle up as Aryan Nalawade, Shreya Chaddha, and Pranjali Singh share some of their favorite travel destinations that deserve a place in your 2024 bucket list. 

It’s that time of the year to scribble down the dreams waiting to be lived and the adventures begging to be experienced. We are all excited thinking about all the cool places we want to hit up while dreaming of adventures and itching to dive into new experiences. It's like plotting a plan for the year ahead, packed with places that just scream, "Come explore me!" From breathtaking landscapes to soaking up different vibes, we're all about making memories and discovering what the world has got to offer. Whether it's ticking off a classic landmark or stumbling upon a hidden gem, a cool travel bucket list is our way of making the most out of this year. Who better to understand this feeling than social media creators? We asked Aryan Nalawade, Shreya Chaddha, and Pranjali Singh to share some of their favorite travel destinations that could be the road map for our 2024 travel plans.

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Here's what these creators had to recommend:

Aryan Nalawade was all about the experience of witnessing heaven on earth while suggesting the magic of Mount Titlis. He started by wanting us to picture this: standing atop the world, surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps! Aryan, a thrill-seeker, stumbled upon this gem in September 2023, and it’s etched forever in his heart. This Swiss wonderland is not just about jaw-dropping scenery; it’s a playground for adrenaline junkies. Imagine ascending in the world’s first-ever revolving cable car and strutting across Europe’s highest suspension bridge. Vertigo-inducing? Yes. Unforgettable? Absolutely! Aryan adds “Once you’ve soaked in the views, dive into a culinary adventure at the mountain-top restaurants. Oh, and guess what? Indian cuisine aficionados, rejoice! There’s a dedicated Indian restaurant awaiting your palate.” 

Now, if tranquillity had an address, it would be Jibhi according to Shreya Chaddha. Shreya, a seeker of peace, unveils this tucked-away village in Himachal Pradesh that’s a far cry from the city frenzy. Getting to Jibhi is an adventure in itself. It’s a 12-hour bus ride from Delhi to Aut followed by a picturesque 1-2 hour cab journey. It’s worth every mile! Shreya quotes, “Jibhi is not just a pretty face, it’s a budget traveller’s dream. Affordable BnBs, treehouses, and hostels await, along with warm-hearted locals who make you feel like family.” According to her, Jibhi is a feeling. Whenever reality becomes too much to bear, this serene haven is the ultimate escape.

Pranjali Singh's choice of Udaipur truly encapsulates a fairytale-like experience straight out of a Bollywood dream. She mentions, “Udaipur has been a sweet spot on my bucket list ever since I watched Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.” Imagine immersing yourself in the elegance of the City Palace, where every step echoes with tales of royalty. Then, picture the sun bid adieu while gently crossing the waters of Lake Pichola on a boat. “But that’s not all! The city’s markets, bustling with life, offer a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, and crafts. It’s here that you witness the intricate tapestry of Udaipur’s cultural heritage woven into every piece of art, fabric or trinket.” says Pranjali. This place paints a canvas of memories that you’ll cherish forever. 

Gear up, pack your bags, and get ready to explore these beautiful destinations!

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