Take a look at how TV show host and comedian, Trevor Noah highlighted India’s critical COVID situation.

India happens to be one of the countries worst affected by COVID-19 in the world. The surge that the country has seen over the past few months has shocked the people of the country as well as the world. Various news channels and portals are covering India’s health crisis and discussing it. Some popular celebrities also happen to be among the ones trying to bring attention to the country’s current situation. TV show host and comedian, Trevor Noah happens to be one of them.

The comedian, who has his own TV show called the ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ addressed India’s rising crisis in one of his segments – Keeping Up With Corona. He is someone who has in the past openly criticised the Indian government for not doing their best and this time too he managed to report the situation while highlighting the downsides of the government. Trevor mentioned the shortage of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, and testing kits all while talking about the excessive amount of COVID-19 vaccines that is left unused in the US. He also called out PM Narendra Modi for holding mass gatherings and election campaigns while the number of cases keeps rising in the country. The government’s attempt to ban or takedown tweets that criticised the government for failing to do their bit were also highlighted by the host. He also said, “Honestly, you know who must be so jealous of Modi right now? Donald Trump.”

Check out the video here:

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