Trump is back at the White House after infecting and apparently recovering from Coronavirus; Twitterati doesn’t seem convinced.

US President Donald Trump, 74, is now back at the Oval Office at White House following the four-days of emergency treatment for being tested positive for the Coronavirus. According to him getting infecting was a ‘blessing from God’ and vowed to be back on the campaign trail by pulling off his mask, in the presence of the media fraternity.

“I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it. It was a blessing in disguise,” Trump said citing his experience with the experimental combination of drugs he received at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. However, more than being happy about his return to the house, Twitterati seemed satirical about the situation.

One of the Twitter users said, “There is no way a 72-year-old obese man is fit to fight COVID while working arguably the most stressful job in the world,” while the another said, “Why is it the rest of the US has to be Quarantined for 7 days and that dip gets to decide how long to be quarantined. He is not better than I am. If anything he’s less.”

Here are some of the reactions:

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