The famous Turkish musician Bilal Goregen from the famous Vibing Cat meme is back with a new video singing the popular Hindi song, Kaliyon Ka Chaman.

If there has been any meme that has ruled the internet in 2020, it has to be the Vibing Cat. Even though we were all scared and terrified throughout this year, the famous cat and the song passed on its vibe to the people spreading smiles. While the video is famous for the edited version, the person who sings in the video is the Turkish musician, Bilal Goregen.

Bilal Goregen is a visually impaired musician who has clearly taken the internet by storm with his singing videos. He became a known face after his video of him playing the darbuka on a bench performing a rendition of Ievan Polkka which is a very popular Finnish song from the 1930s. Someone decided to edit his original video by adding a cat dancing to the beats of the song, and it has become a viral meme since.

He is back again, but this time he surprised all the Indians with his song. Bilal shared a new video where he is singing the popular Hindi song Kaliyon Ka Chaman. He can be seen singing the song with his darbuka on a bench and it has gone viral.

Check out the video here:

Here’s how people reacted to his video:

Turkish musician

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