In this generation of digital love, quick connections, and even quicker break ups, it is not often that we come across relationships that hold real love and last. And when we do, it usually awes and shocks us at the same time because people sticking with each other and putting in efforts has become a novelty.

Twitterati happened to stumble upon one such love story and of course, it went viral! It was refreshing to see something positive going viral after a long time. A thread was started by Adi (the hero of our story!) when he was going on a date with a girl. He followed that first tweet with regular updates about how their story progressed from a nervous first date to a heart-warming engagement! Cute, right? Wait till you see this adorable couple and their journey!

Isn’t it cute when guys act all nervous before a date? It surely turned out to be different though!

Hiking? YES! Staying in bed instead? SUPER YES!

Well, why wouldn’t you get them? It’s the sweetest thing ever .

Is it just me or does your heart melt too when you get, ‘Text me when you reach’ or ‘Did you eat?’ messages?


In girl terms, this means you’ve crossed a major and one of the most difficult milestones.

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How cute is it when you awkwardly come out of the dressing room and they smile at you and it instantly makes you blush?

So, the hiking finally happened. Also, that’s the first peek of our adorable heroine!

The first movie date is always very important because you observe a LOT of things even though you think you’re just going to watch a movie.

Seriously? The one thing that’s ours!

First hungover experience = first adult relationship experience.

You know what’s sexy? Not partying or PDA all the time, but putting in efforts even when you’re apart.

Handmade stuff plus funny? This guy is a 10/10!

I feel like forehead kisses are a universal weakness!

If you can manage not ruining each other’s mood at least once in the entire duration of a holiday, you’re there.

Honestly, even if my partner comes over and we sleep the entire day off –that’s a wholesome date.

Meeting the family –BIG STEP and also code for you’re gonna have to be with me forever now! *heart eyes over this picture*

It seems so amazing when people say they learnt something new from their partners. It’s like you’re growing together.

If doggos have been mentioned, you can be sure it is going to be a perfect day!

It’s just weird how a little change in men’s beards makes them look completely different and I totally stand with her!

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Meeting the father. *plays dark music* because fathers NEVER think anyone’s good enough for their daughters.

I can see they love each other 3000. (Maybe even more!)

And finally!

Doesn’t this thread make you smile wide? It’s stories like these that give us millennials hope that maybe it’s not only two-timing and cheating out there. Maybe we can still find real connections in our world. And that putting in efforts pays off. BIG TIME!