The curtains have finally been dropped (or have they?) on a saga that entertained an entire nation for 20 years, and Salman Khan has been convicted in the Black Buck Poaching Case.

The entire circus outside the Jodhpur High Court lead to Chief Judicial Magistrate Dev Kumar Khatri sentencing Salman Khan to five years simple imprisonment and a 10,000 INR fine for the Black Buck Poaching Case.

Long overdue, the judgment in this case took two decades to arrive, and considering Salman Khan’s previous acquittal for a case that involved drunk driving and 1 dead person, people are certainly not amused.

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Infamous for having a gala time poking fun at Salman Khan and his many trysts with the law, Twitter users waited with bated breath to unleash the memes and jokes about the Black Buck Poaching Case, while some anticipated the eventual bail that he may be granted.

Anyway, you won’t be convicted for looking at these hilarious series of tweets and jokes about the ‘swift’ judgement delivery!

Sigh. Twitter is not acquitting Salman Khan anytime soon.