Check out as people share their first salary along with funny and hilarious memes on the same.

Firsts are always special. One of the ‘firsts’ that always top the favourite list is our first salary. A lot of thought goes into what one will do with their first salary. No matter how small the amount is it always feels great to have earned it. People are becoming nostalgic and taking part in the Twitter trend first salary.

Twitter decided to appreciate and share their #FirstSalary online. The new trend had people share the amount, the source and the age they received their first salary along with their fellow Twitteratis. While many shared their legitimate amount, others who are still to earn also decided to indulge in the trend. And no matter what the trend is, there is no stopping them from sharing their funny memes on the same. These memes are free and quite hilarious.

Check out these #firstsalary tweets:

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