Twitter goes crazy over Greta Thunberg's 121-year-old doppelganger!

Smrithi Mohan
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Greta Thunberg's 121-year-old doppelganger

People find Greta Thunberg's 121-year-old doppelganger in a photograph found in the archives of the University of Washington. One of the three kids in the photograph looks like the Swedish teen activist.

Great Thunberg has become a star, inspiring people with her thoughts and her work in fighting towards climate change. Her actions have impacted millions with many following her step in making the world a better place for future generations to live in. Greta recently spoke up on the issue of climate change at the UN Climate Action Summit addressing all the world leaders to start acting on the issue before it is too late and made the world take notice. However, this time Twitter is going crazy after an old photograph with Greta Thunberg's 121-year-old doppelganger has gone viral.

This photograph is about 121-years-old and was discovered in the archives of the University of Washington which shows three children finding water from a well. One of the kids, the girl on the foreground looks very similar to Greta. Her braids, stare, everything looks exactly like Greta and that has people go nuts. After the photo went viral, people are wondering if Greta is a time traveller. According to historians, the photo was taken around 1898 in Canada, at a gold mine.

Here is how people reacted to Greta Thunberg's 121-year-old doppelganger on Twitter:

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