A lot of things set Mumbai apart from the thousands of metropolitan cities all over the world! Whether it’s our supreme tolerance for civic negligence, unbearable heat and incessant rainfall, or our share of indigenous activities such as ‘adjusting’, these truly are just Mumbai things.

And we are all proud of them whether or not they make sense to others. Hell, not even people from other parts of our country understand why Mumbaikars say or do the things we do! It’s not for everyone, I mean who else can handle the daily rejection at the hands of volatile autowallahs, or being compressed into a local train like a win.rar file? No one can handle these just Mumbai things as well as we do.

It did not take me a lot of trouble to find these rare just Mumbai things on Twitter, shared by like-minded Mumbaikars, and equally baffled ‘outsiders’ who just cannot wrap their heads around why we are like this!

1. Sabke bas ki baat nahi hai boss!

Just Mumbai Things

2. Well, stop saying it thenJust Mumbai Things

3. Hey every area is a shady area unless you live in Bandr-uh West or SoBo.

Just Mumbai Things

4. The jingle is catchy af no matter how much we hate it! Just Mumbai Things

5. Same bro, same.Just Mumbai Things

6. Kaun hai ye 4% log? Kahan se aate hai ye log? Rickshaw wale Twitter pe aa gaye kya?Just Mumbai Things

7. Bhayander ke baad haath hila sakte hai bro!Just Mumbai Things

8. When you can’t move anything except for your mouth!Just Mumbai Things

9. Hey it’s not our fault! We have been programmed that way. Just Mumbai Things

10. Hahaha

Just Mumbai Things

11. cuz Marathi bhau.Just Mumbai Things

12. You can’t blame us. Anything lower than 30 degrees and we’re cold.Just Mumbai Things

13. I don’t know the origins of this, but I use it everyday

Just Mumbai Things14. Nahi madam, aage police khada hai.
Just Mumbai Things

15. #AdjustGoalsJust Mumbai Things

16. Don’t judge okay! Someone just died.Just Mumbai Things

17. Well we are used to Juhu and Chowpatty.Just Mumbai Things

18. Have you ever even seen us party in the train with samosas and mithai? #GoalsAF!Just Mumbai Things

19. This line is recited at every galli, every nukkad, every day!Just Mumbai Things

20. We can eat anything with a pav.
Just Mumbai Things

21. Top it off with a chai and sutta. The perfect lifeJust Mumbai Things

Tell us about more just Mumbai things that we may have missed out on! Let us know in the comments section or tweet to us @Social_Samosa.

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