Check out how desi Twitter reacted to Owais Siddiqui’s weird take on a common breakfast of masala chai ice-cream with sugar-laced paratha.

There was a time when pineapple on pizza was the weirdest food ever heard. But thanks to the internet, the list of weird food keeps adding up with bizarre food combinations. The internet has seen it all by now from chocolate filled samosa to Maggi filled puri, there is nothing that the internet has not cringed on. However, a new post by a Twitter user has left the foodies online divided. Chai and Paratha is a staple breakfast in most of the Indian household. But Owais Siddiqui decided on giving this staple a social media twist. He posted a picture of masala chai ice cream with sugar-laced paratha.

Yep, that’s it. That is where 2020 has taken us. Owais dared to put scoops of his chai ice-cream on the paratha making it look like an ice-cream cone. Yes, you read that right.

Social media has become a place where people share and talk about innovations and bringing a modern twist to original food recipes. But this came as a surprise and something that we cannot unsee. The posts have gone viral for obvious reasons with people left discussing this unwanted food invention.

Here is how people shared their mix reaction:

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