Unnecessary opinions apart, Twitter is filled with beautiful threads by thoughtful people. These threads vary from personal experiences to love stories to their observation on even the most mundane things –and it always brings a smile on the readers’ face.

We stumbled upon one such engaging twitter thread by Matt (@sixthformpoet); it is a 3 part story and is very nicely intertwined. It is divided into 3 parts, all depicting important events in his life and all having something common (you’ll know soon!). The 3 parts are each a group of ten tweets.

It is a must read for the simple reason being –it’s beautiful.

Part 1 –The segment starts with how the writer’s dad dies and he and his family put flowers on his grave regularly. One day he realized there were never any flowers on the grave beside his and so he started putting some there too. Wait, it gets weirder. Turns out, on probing he came to know that the man had committed suicide after killing HIS FAMILY ON CHRISTMAS DAY! The sweetheart that our writer is, he went to the man’s wife and parents’ grave to put flowers as an apology. Little did he know he would meet his future wife there!

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Part 2 –The couple had two children; they wanted to go to Disneyland (which costed £3000). The couple saved up and planned the trip but instead of serving it to them on a platter, they wanted the kids to know its value. Every time they did a good thing, £10 were added and £10 were deducted when they were being naughty. This went on until the kids earned the amount; but they saw a homeless guy outside and they couldn’t comprehend the concept that someone should live without a shelter and they wanted to give their Disneyland money away. Instead of that, the good father that he is, our writer paid for the homeless person live in a hostel, who made something of himself, came back for CHRISTMAS and brought gifts for the kids!

Part 3 –Matt describes the couple next door to them, Lucy and Tim. Tim died suddenly and Matt paid his condolences, gave her his number in case she needs it. She called after 18 months, during CHRISTMAS dinner, and told him she’d tried to kill herself and doesn’t know if she’s gonna survive. Our hero went rushing to save her while calling an ambulance on the way. When he reached and found out when she’d said pills, she meant 4 ibuprofen with 2 gins, he could not believe he came running for that! Eventually Lucy joined them for Christmas dinner, where she met John (the homeless guy) and now they’re engaged and set to marry!

Wasn’t that one of the most engaging stories you’ve read? It is so baffling that all the important events in his life somehow revolved around Christmas!

This tale also made me realize that how something ordinary that we do or anything seemingly mundane that happens to us can turn into turning points of our lives. And that is why it is important to always cherish every moment that you live!