How fast is too fast? If you ask the Mumbaikars, they’ll say there are no limits –you can always push harder and be better. And while this city is infamous for its pace and indifference, it is also the place that millions of people call home because it offers them peace.

Ramki (@ramkid), a twitter user, recently posted a thread of tweets describing things that you only experience in this Maximum City -and no he isn’t talking about the monuments or the mainstream tourist things. Ramki, being an outsider himself has observed little details that at first might seem bizarre but are actually quite soothing. Read on to get to know this city like you’ve never seen before.

It truly is the best of both worlds –you can be with your partner and have solitude as well.

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It’s a breath of fresh air to be in a place where people just don’t care how you live and what you’re doing.

Where else will you find your me time even with people sitting opposite you?

All the tiredness of the day wears off the second you sit at Marine Drive and look ahead at the golden sun setting. It feels as if for just a little while, your problems are setting down too.

You will see all the walks of life in one place, living as if the other is no different from them.

It hardly ever is.

If you think this was absolutely beautiful and calming, people from all over the country shared their experience after reading this and it is equally heart warming. Check it out:

You will find people are kind here for no reason, which is very rare these days.

It still amazes me that this city still manages to welcome everyone that wants to build a home here.

Once you become a Mumbaikar, there’s no turning back.

Being an outsider myself who has now made a home in this city, I can vouch for everything that has been written in these tweets. Mumbai might have hit me hard on budgets, but taught me lessons that makes me strong, everyday. This city has given me the freedom to be what I want to be, and helped me in believing that my dreams are not too far fetched. It truly is ‘Sapno ki Nagri’.

It holds true when people say that, ‘Mumbai is a city; Bombay is an emotion’. It always will be Bom-bae after all.