A Twitter user lists 8 Netflix movies that everyone should watch for a whole lot of motivation!

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8 Netflix movies

In this hustle culture, even the regular hustlers end up breaking down and losing hope, so here are some films to give you the light in the dark!

Watching any film or show has already become a private experience often shared when we have to recommend things to someone. Most of the time there is such content that touches our hearts so much that we can't help but share it with other people. And hence you see various Twitter users regularly recommending stuff to watch. One of the Twitter users, Power Beast recently tweeted and shared a thread recommending films that will not only make you feel good but motivate you as hell.

All the 8 films recommended in the thread are available to watch on Netflix and the beauty about them is that they are people's stories. Most of them are based on or inspired by a real story. Just ordinary people who end up doing extraordinary things with their sheer determination, passion, hope, and intellect. And they don't achieve anything in their lives with ease, rather it is a path filled with struggles like mental illness, the burden of feeding their family, unemployment, power dynamics of the corporate culture, politics of sports, and so much more. Yet they overcome everything, sure they fall down, and in the pursuit of happiness it is necessary too but they always learn to pick themselves up and continue on ahead.

Isn't that living? It's hard, it sucks but you still enjoy it with its various shades and phases! Their journeys have every emotion in this world where they would make you smile, laugh, cry, and more importantly your heart filled. So if you need a little push or just a shining little light in this otherwise dark world, then watching these films might just offer that. After all, courage is contagious, and motivation is transferential!

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Check it out!

Which of these is your favourite film to watch that you always go to or which one you are definitely going for? Let us know in the comments below!

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