Twitter's Doge logo memes are everything that you need on a ruff-day!

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Twitter's new Doge logo

Like most of Elon Musk's tactics on Twitter, Twitter's Doge logo, the new overnight change got people talking and sharing memes.

Twitter has always been a platform that sparked debates, weird thoughts and unsolicited advice. Anyone who has been an active part of the Twitter community might think that there is nothing more that can surprise them. But Elon Musk makes sure that is not the case. The CEO of the microblogging site has been under the radar of Tweeples for all the wrong reasons. After announcing that he would be resigning from the post through a Twitter post, he has left the internet shell-shocked with his latest update.

The Twitter logo that has been a Blue Bird for the longest time has been changed to a dog calling it the Doge logo. The logo of Shiba Inu is that of the dogecoin that the tech billionaire has supported and promoted in the past. The dog was actually a famous internet meme established in 2010-2013. At the height of the meme’s relevancy in 2013, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, software engineers at IBM and Adobe created Dogecoin as a joke.

And like most of his tactics, this new overnight change was able to get people talking. In between people wondering what caused the change, Elon Musk shared a thread of an old conversation that he had with a user called WCBChairmain in March 2022 where the latter suggested that Musk should buy the platform and change the logo to the dogecoin dog.

People couldn't stop sharing their reactions to the new update as well as their own speculations about the same. While most are enjoying the meme fest that the new change has encouraged, there are also some who wouldn't help but wonder if it is an April fools prank and the platform missed the date. They highlighted Musk's decision to lay off a large number of employees. No matter what your thoughts regarding the new logo are, you can most definitely enjoy the reactions that people had to share.

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These reactions are everything you need if you are missing the blue bird

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