UAE witnesses a massive fire at the Ajman Market

Smrithi Mohan
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Ajman market

24 hours after the tragic Lebanon blasts, the world witnessed a massive fire at Ajman market on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, a massive fire broke out at the Ajman market in UAE. Authorities are yet to identify the cause for the fire. Civil defense team and various fire fighting engines were rushed to the spot immediately. The fire broke out at the fruits and vegetable market in Ajman's industrial area at around 6.30 pm. The market is said to be 50 km away from Dubai.

Take a look:

The incident occurred in less than 24 hours after the news of the catastrophic blast that happened in Lebanon that killed about 70 people, 3000 injured and buried under the rubble. The Beirut blast has resulted in damages amounting to $5 billion and has left about 3,00,000 people homeless in the city.

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