UK hosted its first socially distanced music event amidst the pandemic

Smrithi Mohan
Aug 13, 2020 08:20 IST
first socially distanced music event

Musician Sam Fender launches the first socially distanced music venue in the UK with 2,500 fans while maintaining the safety precautions.

Since the pandemic began, large gatherings have been restricted around the world. However, UK hosted its first socially distanced music event on a venue that is placed on a racing track field. About 2,500 fans gathered at the venue on Tuesday, August 11th for its first music concert.

With 500 separate elevated platforms, the arena maintained distances between each, and the people were asked to wear masks and to not intermingle between the sections. Guests who arrived together were allowed to sit on the same platform. And each platform has been provided with a table, chairs and a fridge.

Local musician Sam Fender kick-started the launch of the venue. Guests were also allocated with arrival time on their tickets and were directed towards their viewing platform. Live music is a big deal in Britain and finding innovative ways to keep the whole experience alive for the people while maintaining safety precautions has become the need of the hour. People surely experienced VIP treatment with this new concept.

Check out what UK's first socially distanced music event looked like:

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