Look like a pataka this Diwali in understated Diwali outfits with inspiration from our favorite creators.

We can’t ignore the mayhem we all go through for Diwali shopping. After spending hours and hours finalizing the ideas for Diwali outfits we’re just so tired. Either everything is too expensive or simply requires too much research. Thankfully, some of our favorite creators are making it easy for us with their touch on these festive looks like these understated Diwali outfits which we probably should add to our lookbooks right away!

From simple kurtas to beautifully draped sarees, these minimalist outfit choices are giving 2022 fashion feels and we’re here for it. We’re going for minimum efforts on our outfits that still make us look like a bomb this Diwali and thanks to these creators we don’t need to hit our heads against the wall. Instead, just eat some sweets and chill out with your cousins and let these creators handle your outfit blues.

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You don’t believe us? Check them out yourself!


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