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Unnati and Manav

Social Media's fave couple Unnati and Manav (Unnav) opened up about their relationship as friends, creators, and lovers with Social Ketchup Ed, Mrinil Mathur Rajwani.

#Unnav - As their fans ship them on Internet, Unnati and Manav are two cute friends turned lovers, a content creator couple who are ruling their fans' hearts and social media.  

Unnati Malharkar and Manav Chhabra both belong to the DamnFam Group (a collective of family-like friends content creators) who collaborate and create interesting content for the channel and their accounts. The duo started dating and made their relationship public last year, around September, and ever since their fans have gone crazy for their favorite couple online. 

This two-states Jodi, has all of us gushing in awe, admiration, and sparkle in our eyes, every time see together, and I am sure, you will agree with the magic they cast with the pictures on the cover. How can they not be the fave couple on social media? From Reeling together to traveling the world hand-in-hand, from cheering each other to praying for each other, there is no doubt that the couple is creating love goals for their fans. And it is love and relationships like these that makes you believe in "Pyaar Dosti Hai"

And this same chemistry was palpable as we shot the cover with them. From teasing her for the cheat meal, McDonald's burger that Unnati had, to complimenting her for her look, our gabru boy is that friendly and caring man who would go all the way to woo his partner. If you are an Unnav Fan you would have seen a sneak peek of the shoot scenes on Manav's daily vlog. 

PS: This cover has been much anticipated as Unnav fans have been pouring in requests to see them on the Social Ketchup Magazine for a long time. We at Social Ketchup dedicate the LOVE Edition Cover of 2022 featuring Unnati and Manav, to the love their fans have showered. 

Enough of me praising them, let the couple do the talking and spill some beans about the working compatibility, appreciation, and mutual admiration they have. 

Mrinil Mathur - From friends to a couple, how things have changed for you two?

Unnati and Manav - Not much really, the relationship is almost the same, but we have started spending more time with each other, the understanding between us has always been great, and the love has definitely increased a lot. 

MM - How do you define LOVE?

UM - For us love is trusting each other no matter what and knowing that there’s a person in your life who’s always gonna be there with you in your ups and downs.

MM - Who has played the role of a cupid in your relationship?

UM - Bronny, for sure. 

MM - How being with each other has helped you grow as individuals and as Content Creators?

UM - Definitely, a lot, because we make content plans together, we shoot together, we help each other in making decisions, also everyone loves our chemistry together, so it has helped us grow as content creators.

MM - What is the one thing that has contributed to your bonding? 

UM - Understanding 

MM - What’s an ideal weekend for you? 

UM - Going for a brunch date or going to watch a movie.

MM - Being a content creator duo, what leverage do you think you have over your peers? 

UM - I think every duo in the industry has their own USPs, it's all about encouraging each other. In my and Unnati’s case, our off-screen chemistry is so good that it automatically reflects on our posts and videos.

MM - What is the filmiest thing you have done for each other?

UM - Giving each other presents on different occasions, we both love it. 

MM - What do you appreciate in each other as content creators? 

UM - Hard work and 'never give up' attitude. 

MM - What is the best part of having a partner from the same industry and sharing the same passion? 

UM - Life becomes easier, I can always take her advice for my work, and can always help each other.

MM - As a fellow creator, if you have to give one piece of advice to your partner, what would it be? 

Manav - Post more videos on Her youtube channel 

MM - If Manav plans Unnati’s content calendar, what are three things you are going to add? 

Manav - Dance videos, fashion videos, and surprising Manav with gifts videos. 

MM - If Unnati plans Manav’s content calendar, what are three things you are going to add?

Unnati - Pranks, challenge videos, videos with Bronny

MM - Any passion project that you guys are working on together and would like to share.

UM - Nope, but we both want to travel the world together and the hustle for that is on.

Check out their entire interview here!

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