UNO promotes inclusiveness with the launch of UNO braille.

A fun game should be enjoyed by the whole family. That’s exactly what the manufacturers of UNO, our favourite childhood card game, have made it happen. Mattel, the famous toy manufacturing company that designed the card game, has partnered with National Federation of the Blind (NFB), to debut UNO Braille, for the blind or visually-impaired individuals.

The aim behind the launch of UNO braille was to make the card game more accessible to people that are specially-abled. Braille is printed on the top corner of each card to help identify the number and colour of the card in the 112 card deck. Not just that, the manual also indicates that the instructions can be downloaded via and can be voice-enabled with applications like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Here’s what people have to say about the newly launched UNO Braille –

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I’ll be getting one! We’re not blind but my son and I like to get things in Braille when we can. For my son, they started teaching it in 2nd grade(as well as ASL). Trying to keep that up. And learn with him along the way.
— Brittany❄ (@doubtful_comet) October 2, 2019