#UnpopularPopularOpinion: Mrunal Thakur talks about the much-needed cry-sesh we all need sometimes!

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Mrunal Thakur

Recently, an Instagram story of Mrunal Thakur went viral as she posted a picture of herself crying. People were worried but we thought it was quite brave of her.

We have all been there when we find ourselves feeling low and crying. We're unable to stop our tears, sometimes not even understanding why this is happening. Most often we are ashamed of these moments because we don't really have an explanation for them and mainly because we're constantly told that crying makes you seem weak. In a digital age where social media is often misused, there are times when it also becomes a beacon of hope. Like when Mrunal Thakur shared this Insta story!


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She had posted a picture of hers where she was crying and it also had a message with it - "Yesterday was tough, But today I'm stronger, wiser, and happy! Everybody has pages in their stories they don't read out loud but I'm choosing to read mine out loud - Because maybe someone out needs to learn the lesson I learned Taking one day at a time! It's ok to be naive and vulnerable!"

We have often seen celebrities post about their personal lives and interactions with their fam on social media. But it is hardly ever about their failures or low phases in life. To be that vulnerable on a public platform when you are a big name takes guts but to also take a moment to channel your low phase into a much-needed message that probably everyone needed to hear is so sweet and rare. She talked about something that everyone experiences - we all have days where having a heavy crying sesh really helps with healing! As she amazingly puts it "it's okay to be naive and vulnerable!" You don't have to have it all together at all times.

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