In a generation that's obsessed with putting up the best version of themselves on social media, Vidya Balan gave us a much-needed reminder on self-love!

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Vidya Balan has always been an inspiration for being comfortable in your own skin, and her recent Instagram post is yet another beautiful example of that!

All of us are guilty of clicking pictures only from a certain preferred angle or constantly using Instagram filters because we feel we need to fit into so-called societal norms of beauty. From young teenagers to celebrities, there's barely anyone who is marked safe from these insecurities. Sharing one such anecdote that reflects this issue, Vidya Balan opened up about a recent interaction with a young fan that reminded her of her past self. Her caption said that even after obliging her fan with pictures amidst the crowd and hassle at an event she was at, the young girl wasn't happy with the pictures because it was not taken from her left profile. The fan then went to the extent of following her and asking her for pictures again, even truthfully stating the reason why she wanted to re-click the pictures. This made the actress dig deeper into a much more severe thought about how even she has asked cinematographers and photographers to shoot her only from her left profile and not her right.

She further adds that just because she preferred one profile more than the other, made her feel like she only loved one side of herself and that was not okay. Self-love is a vulnerable and long journey that she decided to embark on and accept all of her just the way she is. Vidya Balan has always been the epitome of body positivity and has definitely shattered stereotypes of how a Hindi film heroine should look like. She loves and embraces her curves, and we totally admire her for that! The beautiful picture that she posted sans make-up, proudly flaunting both sides of her face while her caption read "What changed is the way I looked at myself and that changed how I see myself" is one of the most heartwarming and relatable things you'll read this week.

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In a swarm of celebrities who put up edited pictures of themselves every day, Vidya Balan's post struck a chord with so many of us who struggle with accepting a more raw and authentic version of us. Acne, acne scars, morning puffiness, it's all a part and parcel of life and you know what, it's absolutely normal! Let her caption be a gentle reminder for having more important conversations about being kind to ourselves, to just take a minute from this unhealthy competition on social media and look at your gorgeous face exactly the way it's meant to be. Because at the end of the day, we have to be our own cheerleaders!

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