US elections 2020: Desi Twitter can't wait to find out "Abki baar, kiski Sarkaar?"

Smrithi Mohan
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US elections 2020

Take a look at these funny Desi Twitter reactions to the nail-biting US elections 2020.

The entire world's eyes are on America as the Presidential candidates' Joe Biden and Donald Trump are having a cut-to-cut run in the US elections 2020. While Biden has reached a close to a majority, Trump has already filed a lawsuit against three states. The results have been quite overwhelming as the people of the US eagerly wait to welcome their new President. Trump also made claims that there's been ballot fraud, particularly in mail-in votes. This led to various Trump supporters gathered and protest to stop the counting.

Even as the drama and eagerness of the whole US elections continue, one thing that has left everyone amused is the Desi interest in the matter. Although Indians will be least affected no matter who enters the White House, our Desi Twitter had their advice to share. This has led to a series of funny reactions and they are way more exciting than the elections.

Check out these desi reactions to US elections:

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