Check out all these hilarious USA vs IND trend memes because they have been ruling our timelines in this new year.

It’s only four days into the new year and the social media already has its new meme trend. A new trend is gracing the timelines and cracking people up. Meme makers are using the new flag trend on Twitter to spread joy and laughter online. The USA vs IND trend is comparing how the people of India and the USA react to different circumstances.

People have been using popular memes to describe the reactions to various situations as compared to how the USA would react. These relatable memes have been trending on social media and giving us the much-needed laughter. People have also used other country’s flags to show the difference.

Check out these USA vs IND trend memes:

We’re sure you’ll find many of these mems to be relatable. Share them with your BFFs and share a laugh now!

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