After facing a big defeat on Sunday in the Cricket World Cup’19, Pakistan team had to encounter a lot of backlash. The fans were not at all sympathetic and went all in when it came to making memes and showing their disappointment. But another story is gaining fire amidst this –the Veena Malik spat with Sania Mirza.

Apparently, a Pakistani user uploaded a video on Twitter saying that he spotted Shoaib Malik, along with other Pak players smoking sheesha hours before the most awaited match. Sania Mirza is also seen with her husband. Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik tweeted to this by saying Sania should know that a sheesha place is hazardous for a kid and that being an athlete, she should know eating junk is not good for her husband.

Sania, who has always been known for her devil may care attitude, replied saying that she did not take her kid and that she’s not Pakistan team’s dietician or mother.

This fueled and started off a rather salty argument between the two. While Sania took digs at Veena regarding the ‘indecent’ magazine cover she was on and blocked her, Veena talked about how that image was morphed and that she could talk about Mirza’s past controversies as well.

To give you context, this is the infamous magazine cover that is being talked about:

Image result for veena malik

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While all this was on, Shoaib Malik tweeted that the media should be held accountable for what it does; that the video was of 13th June and not the 15th.

We don’t know which side is right here and which isn’t, or if there even is a right side to all this –but what can be seen clearly is that Pakistan team would really have to buckle up for upcoming matches to restore the faith of their fans and country.