Videos about depression that you must watch now

Smrithi Mohan
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Depression is not just a phase, it is an illness that requires due care. Take a look at these videos to understand mental illness and someone who may be suffering through it.

Today, we recognize the importance of talking about mental health and spreading awareness about the same. From Bollywood actors such as Deepika Padukone to Shaheen Bhatt, celebrities and influencers are leveraging the power of media to reach out to millennials, and tell them that it’s going to be okay! After all, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 200 million people in India could be potentially suffering from depression!

It’s heartening to see that OTT and video-streaming platforms too are joining the bandwagon by creating compelling content around critical issues such as depression. The content is empowering millennials to dive deeper into the issue, make themselves aware and help those around them who are in need.

Here are videos that will sensitize you towards depression:

1. A story about depression by Filter Copy

The video follows a young guy who pretends everything is okay at his workplace and around his friends. However, we slowly see through his feelings and inner fears, only to realize that what you see isn’t what you get. The video ends with him breaking down during a conversation with his mother, accepting he needs help.

2. If people treated other illnesses like they treat depression by AIB

Although with a funny take, this AIB video depicts how the world would be like if an illness such as typhoid gets treated like depression! The video shows how Nikhil, the central protagonist receives innumerable advice from his close ones when he tells them that he’s suffering from Typhoid. The idea here is to recognize the criticality of providing information to help anyone who might be suffering from depression and make people understand that depression is an illness that needs to be dealt with proper medical attention and not something that can be left to heal with time.

3. Depression isn't always obvious

This powerful video tells us that depression is not always visible. People may be going under a bad phase but may not show it to others. They may look happy and joyful but may be hiding their depression under it. It is a gentle reminder to look out for our loved ones and the ones we care about.

4. Depression- Spoken Word Poetry

Taz talks about her own experience of going through depression through her words. While talking about the stigma attached to depression she also talks about various copying mechanism, which she realised is not one.

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5. What’s Wrong? By Skadoosh Films

What's Wrong? is an initiative by Skadoosh Films in association with Aasra, that talks about the increasing need to spread awareness about mental health. It features Shriya Pilgaonkar as a young working girl who cannot gather the strength to go to office despite receiving good news on her professional front! It shows her being lost, sad and sometimes even angry before she finally breaks down and reveals what’s going on in her mind.

6. Dobara Poocho by Live Love Laugh

This video by Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone’s  ‘Live Love Laugh Foundation’ shows people from different walks of life break down in front of their loved ones when asked ‘What’s Wrong’? The video explores people’s emotions beautifully when repeatedly asked by their loved ones to share what is bothering them. It also wants to persuade people to see for signs around them and help when someone is in need of a shoulder!

7. Living with depression

A video that explains why people with depression push people away and what depression feels like. This video is a reminder to check out for your loved ones.

8. Day 14

Highlighting the loneliness and hopelessness that a person with depression faces, this video is a replica of the pain that the person feels.

While we all love watching videos that give us a break from our monotonous lives, videos like these make us aware of the issues around us. If you feel that a friend, colleague, relative or house help is showing some signs of disturbed mental health, immediately reach out to them and assure them that it is okay to feel that way and depression-like any other illness can and must be treated.

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