Check out these list of videos on the viral Rakhi Sawant song created by Yashraj Mukhate of her fighting for her bottle.

Bigg Boss can never stop being a thing in India. A show that does a 24-hour surveillance on popular celebrities while making them pin against each other either with their crazy tasks or with all the groceries in the house. India enjoys the show for a number of reasons. What India also loves but never admits is Rakhi Sawant. She is a walking entertainment package who never fails to upset us. She always has something interesting to offer to the internet. Putting her in a show like Bigg Boss was one of the most interesting decisions of 2020.

At this point, can we imagine a world without Rakhi Sawant? We say no. can’t talk about the world, but the internet definitely needs Rakhi for our dose of diversion. One can never expect what to expect from her and considering how creative the online space is, the question only widens. Internet’s favourite Yashraj Mukhate worked his charm and gave the internet one interesting audio to make reels on and we are left double tapping.

He turned Rakhi’s agony of finding her bottle in the swimming pool into a catchy track. The track is so enticing that no one can stand still while its playing in the bg. There have been a number of reels that have appeared on our Instgaram and we have made a list of them.

Check out these videos:

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