3 killed in the Vienna terror attack; 15 injured along with a police officer

Aishwarya Iyer
Nov 03, 2020 11:51 IST
Vienna Terror Attack

Gunmen attacked six locations in Austria's largest city and capital Vienna, killing three people and injuring 15; search for the assailants of the Vienna terror attack is on.

Three people and several others were left injured following the alleged Vienna terror attack in Austria on Tuesday. The Vienna Police (LPD Wien) through their Twitter handle confirmed that three people were declared dead – of which two are male and one female – while 15 are severely injured and one among them is an officer in the Vienna police department.

As per them, the assault was carried out by at least one suspect who was shot and killed by the officers, and is considered to have an ‘islamistic motive’. Meanwhile, the search for at least one more assailant is still at large.

The incident involves several attacks in six different locations, among one, was near a synagogue in the centre of the city that was carried out by ‘several suspects armed with rifles, among handguns’ stated the LPD Wien. Unverified footages of gunmen walking through the streets and shooting at random people are being circulated on social media platforms.

Austria was about to re-impose a national lockdown the following night. With Tuesday being the final night ‘outside’, citizens were enjoying at bars and restaurants, when this attack took place. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said the motive was under investigation but ‘the possibility of the attack was an anti-Semitic cannot be ruled out, given the shooting began outside Vienna’s main synagogue.’ The Austrian Ministry of the Interior has asked the people of Vienna to avoid leaving the house unless it’s an emergency and urged people to work from home for time being.

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