Viral Indians: All You Need To Know About Team India's Superfan, Charulata Patel

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Charulata Patel

Social media is a world of its own with new developments, trends, news, memes and people going viral every single day. From extremely gifted personalities showcasing their talent via singing, dancing, acting, sports or any other form of art to absolutely vague, cringe-worthy content. There's a whole universe of videos on the free web consumed by people every second. Which have the power of turning any regular John Doe into an internet personality or as we as Social Ketchup like to call it - Viral Indians. Over time, we've witnessed quite a few of these interesting, adorable, intriguing and sometimes annoying AF personalities. However, our latest addition to the list - Charulata Patel is worth all the love and admiration that the internet has to offer.

Here's all you need to know about India's superfan:

Who is she?

Team India's biggest fan who happens to be 87 years old, Charulata Patel lives in Africa. While her parents were originally from India, she was born in Tanzania. She was discovered by the internet when the camera at the stadium panned onto her blowing yellow vuvuzela while India played against Bangladesh during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. During one of her many interviews, Charulata revealed that she has been following cricket since she retired two decades ago. She also said that every time she watches a Live match, she feels as though her kids are playing on the field.

How did she go viral?

It was on 2nd July 2019 that the internet discovered Charulata Patel. One of the oldest fans of Team India was certainly one of the most enthusiastic. She cheered for the Indian players as they delivered a smashing performance against Bangladesh. The players were moved to see her making it to the game even though she wasn't in the best of health and arrived there in a wheelchair too. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma even went and met one of the biggest fans of Team India.

ANI shared her quote on Twitter which read, "I have been watching cricket for last many decades, from the time I was in Africa. Earlier I used to watch on TV when I was working, but now that I am retired I watch it live."

Here's one of the many interviews that featured Charulata after the match:

Anand Mahindra who usually doesn't watch cricket when India is on the field also broke his tradition just to witness the charming old lady everyone was raving about. He even promised to sponsor her tickets for the rest of the matches.

That's not it! She was also brought on board as a part of Pepsi's “Har Ghoont Mein Swag” commercial which will be on air during the rest of the World Cup matches.

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One of India's top FMCG brand, Amul which is known for its kick-ass and out-of-the-box artwork also made a dedication to India's superfan in their own unique style.

Take a look:

All of which led to many memes flooding on the internet too:

She definitely is one of the most lovable Viral Indians we've come across in recent times. Charulata has won the nation's heart and we absolutely adore her too!

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