Check out how Ronit Ashra aka the ‘Boy in a wig’ made it to our list of Viral Indians with his crazy and fun videos.

Talk about things going viral online, and the reason or the criteria for it remain a mystery. One can never guess what, how and when something or someone goes viral. People embrace them with all their heart and wit sharing their own version of memes making it a big trend in the digital space. And one Creator who has a knack for creating entertaining videos is – Ronit Ashra.

It is just a matter of time when a person becomes a celebrity. While some hardly take any effort and become a trend, others put in a lot of efforts in the kind of content they put on their social media. And one cannot deny the fact that it takes a lot of efforts to be Ronit Ashra. From trying his best to look the part to acing his expressions, Ronit has caught the attention of netizens and made it to our Viral Indians list.

Who is he?

Ronit Ashra is a 16-year-old who has made everyone on social media into a fan. While others use their own voice for videos, Ronit decided to play with his expressions. The internet sensation has been able to stir quite a lot of laughter with his imitation videos. By using face paints for makeup, mother’s saree or dresses as costumes and rakhis and chains for couture jewellery, Ronit does everything to look close to the person he impersonates for his video. His precision to look and talk the same makes him even more lovable.

How did he go viral?

Although he has dedicated his entire page to share his imitation videos with split-screen, it was his video on Ananya Pandey that made him an internet favourite. He not only tried and copied her fashion but also impersonated all of her expressions to perfection. The video crossed 2 million views and this encouraged him to create more of such videos. His video on the viral Kokilaben rap also became an instant hit among the fans and crossed over 4 million views.

Here is the video that made Rohit Ashra go viral:

His Instagram is worth scrolling with many other popular videos being re-created by the Content Creator.

Take a look at some of his other famous videos:

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