The 'Jugnu Dance' trend has literally made our hearts beat and how

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Badshah and Nikita Gandhi's latest song 'Jugnu' has us putting our dancing shoes on and there's no way we're getting over this cute trend anytime soon!

We love posting and scrolling through Reels on Instagram all the time and one reason is we get to see some new challenges or trends every time we're scrolling through it. Who doesn't love a good dance challenge, after all? There's no chance we're missing out on trying the most popular challenges on the internet. Every time we see a new challenge we also get to watch our favorite creators and Bollywood actors do the challenge and that's what we thrive on. We also love listening to these trending songs on loop, we guess, that's the kind of popularity a song gains once it's viral!

Here's the 'Jugnu' challenge that's completely taken over IG Reels. This trend was started by Badshah in collaboration with Nikita Gandhi. This song has some steps where the first one is called the 'champi step', the second is called the 'tilt master pro', the third is called the 'ball dribbling' step, and then we have the last step that's called the 'khandala step without the rumaal'. Doesn't this already sound fun?

Here's how your favorite creators recreated it!

We literally cannot wait to post a cute Reel on this viral trend!

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