These virtual influencers have walked out of the Matrix straight to our RL social media

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Jarvis, Friday, and Edith may have been fictional, but these virtual influencers are very much real and have become part of our feed.

No, this is not an American movie. Nor is this something that scientists have predicted will happen 50 years from now. It is already here and it is happening in real-time. There may have been a time when we assumed that AI technology and robots will take over the world, but it seems like they have already entered the content creation community. We are talking about the digital characters or virtual influencers as they are called. The fact that some of them look so human-like only makes them more intriguing.

These AI characters are not just about modeling and being a digital character online. They are more than that. We have influencers who are actually bringing a change in the world with their work. They are not just another digital character but programs doing works that every influencer does or should do. Some of these virtual influencers have made a mark teaming up with global organizations supporting issues that matter, have featured on numerous popular media platforms, and modeled or worked with luxury brands. They are doing their best at being influencers that people can look up to.

They seem so human-like that some of them even have their own policies that they follow and encourage humans to be part of too. Even though they are just digital characters, there are characters like Noonoouri who keep her audiences informed about various social issues and the causes she supports. She is someone who advocates sustainable fashion and talks about being fur-free and vegan. We also have some who have released their own single, for example, Miquela released her first single titled ‘Not Mine’ in 2017 and later also made her debut in a music video 'Hard feelings.' Bermuda also hopes to work on her music career. Another virtual influencer Imma, was picked by Japan Economics Entertainment in their “New 100 Talent to Watch” list. Whereas we have influencers like Liv who claims to be from the future and also has her own store that sells merchandise from the future.

Here's a list of some of the popular virtual influencers:


Shudu Gram


Liam Nikuro

Seraphine Song

Lu do Magalu


Knox Frost


Thalasya Pov



Liv in the future

Have are your thoughts on these digital characters joining the creator community?

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