What happens when you use 100% of your brain? You make plans for your friends to join your celebrations online. Here’s how people took to a virtual wedding celebration during the lockdown.

We all had our plans before we knew those were not going to happen. The lockdown came as a surprise and even after 20 days, the shock doesn’t seem to leave us. It is a fact that we can’t do much about the lockdown and it is our only option to stay at home. But, some people seem to not care at all. These people are not letting lockdown come in way of their celebrations and plans. Thanks to the internet, the virtual celebration has turned into a thing and people are joining with their friends through video calls to celebrate and rejoice the greatest days of their life. Take a look at how people are indulging in a virtual wedding celebration.

Here’s how people took part in a virtual wedding celebrations:

So what if friends can’t come over? They can join in the sangeet online. This bunch of friends joined on a video call to celebrate the sangeet of their friend.

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Here is a couple who couldn’t hold back from getting married even in this lockdown. They tied the knot while their friends watched them on a video call.

This dulha married his dulhaniya on a video call.

Love can make anything possible, even a virtual wedding celebration. Congratulations to all the couples getting married during quarantine!