Content creator Vishnu Kaushal shares his thoughts on how he embarked on this wonderful journey of content creation.

This Punjabi boy has been making our feed cuter and hotter with relatable content and we can’t thank him enough for giving us doses of laughter every single day during the lockdown. There is no one else who gives voice (read hilarious rants) to our typical middle-class life better than him. With a huge fan following, Vishnu is everyone’s favorite creator.

Let’s have a look at what he has to say about his journey to content creation.

How did it all begin for you? How content creation happened to you?

I started off as YouTube creator and not really aiming to be a big creator. I just wanted to know if this is my cup of tea, and thus started making Vox-Pop YouTube videos with two of my best friends. Eventually, I found out that this is something I really love doing. I made videos for 3 yrs, with not many people noticing. I had my little community, I wasn’t that huge, I wasn’t a prominent creator, but I was still fairly recognised in Chandigarh. A major turning point for me was when Santu Mishra saw one of my pictures or one of my videos, and he was like, hey do you want to come audition for Times Internet’s Men’sXp? I was like, okay, sure! I gave an interview and the audition and I feel I was really-really bad. I have no idea why they selected me. But, Santu really helped me and made sure that I gave my best. And it’s been right since then I started creating Instagram videos properly.

How does a cute Punjabi boy persona help you overall in your growth, and your content creation?

People just really connect with anyone who is authentic. If anyone is just being honestly themselves without putting a filter, people sort of realize and connect with that person. I happen to be from a thick Punjabi family. My father is from Chandigarh and mom is from Himachal, so I have a weird mixture of Punjabi. I’m just being myself. If people like that, that’s like a cherry on top. But, at the same time it’s really hard to be authentic on screen. But, I think once I did figure it out. I was like let’s just roll with it.

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