Vishnu Kaushal launches a merchandise brand for his PEACH community on his birthday

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If you are a Vishnu Kaushal fan, you are definitely a member of THE PEACH GANG. We have seen Vishnu nurturing a cult Peach. And now he is building a home for humans driven by compassion, curiosity & courage and nurturing a stronger bond with the community by launching a merchandise brand.

On his birthday, 27th August 2021, Vishnu is launching his merchandise brand called PEACH BY VISHNU, and the very first collection is called 'Feeling Peachy'.

On asking about what made him start the line, Vishnu said, "At 24, I’m realizing a childhood project that my best friend and I started in 7th grade - a clothing line.

I want to curate a collection for my community, who’ve been with me for the 6 years I’ve made video. I want this community- peaches to feel a sense of belonging and this piece of clothing to be a reminder of just that.

As this community grows, I want us to represent values of compassion, curiosity & courage. Values that I hold dear to me, the values that I feel can create the most wholesome internet community.

The merchandise includes tees, joggers, shorts, and a peach pendant and was designed keeping in mind something anyone irrespective of gender would like to wear. Merch in association with SuperClan. You can shop here.

Check out the message Vishnu has for his Peach Gang and get answers to 'What does it mean to be a peach?'

Here is a sneak peek of the collection -



Peach by Vishnu

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Happy Birthday Vishnu and thanks for the gift :)

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