Vogue Magazine recently released the cover of its new issue with the US VP-elect, Kamala Harris and Twitter is not happy with the photographs.

Vogue magazine is one of the top publications in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Over the years, it has made a brand of itself in the line of Fashion and Lifestyle department but it has also received bad press for its mistakes. The recent one being their cover featuring the US Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris.

The magazine released two photos of Harris from its February edition issue. These photos have sparked outrage instantly as netizens think it is whitewashed or the skin color of America’s dent.

Vogue, in a tweet on 10 January, Sunday, made public the photo of 56-year-old Harris. She seems to be adorning her trademark Converse sneakers and standing in front of a pink and green drape (the colors of her university sorority). The other photo, a more formal one, shows her in a powder blue suit, with her arms crossed in front of a gold background.

As soon as the photos were released, many took to social media to slam the magazine for not only lightening Harris’ skin tone but also to point out that the quality did not match with the magazine’s usual standards which it upholds. It seems to people that the same weightage has not been given to Harris which Vogue usually gives to others.

Here’s what people have to say:


Interestingly, the photos were shot by Tyler Mitchell, the now 26-year-old photographer who created a sensation back in 2018. He became the first Black photographer to shoot the Vogue cover in the magazines. The September Vogue cover had none other than singer Beyoncé. It was said that she herself had picked the photographer.

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