PM Modi keeps from mentioning China in his Maan Ki Baat speech and people can’t help but share funny Voldemort memes on the same.

Twitter can’t stop laughing after PM Modi makes a Voldemort kind of reference in his recent Mann Ki Baat on Sunday. The PM was addressing the nation talking about the clash along the Line Of Actual Control (LAC) while paying tribute to the 20 soldiers who were killed in the same. Modi who is known to be a good communicator made sure to not mention the country, China, that was on the other end of the clash in his speech. Although the name of the country was not mentioned, there were many indirect references that made it quite evident. Since Modi went all ‘the country that shall not be named’ and ‘you know who’ mode in his speech, Twitter couldn’t help but notice the Voldemort reference here and began sharing funny Voldemort memes on the same.

Check out all the funny Voldemort memes shared by Twitterati after PM Modi’s speech:

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