Watch Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg’s hilarious commentary on various sports from the Tokyo Olympics.

The world has its eyes on Tokyo as the most incredible sportspeople from across the world are competing at the Olympics to come back with their own medal. Every player is playing to make their family and their country proud and the rigorous amount of training is finally paying off. No matter what the sport is, it can be made even more entertaining with commentary. And if this commentary is done by people like Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg then there is nothing better than that.

Kevin has always been associated with sports and commentary in the past but Snoop Dogg proved that they are very few sports that one can do a funny commentary on and the Tokyo Olympics happens to be one of them. The network, NBC Peacock decided to make the wisest decision of the year and brought Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg to do commentary on some of the events at the international games. They were left so flabbergasted that Snoop Dogg ended up wanting to cast one of the horses for his next video.

Here’s a small glimpse:

They were equally surprised and astonished by the athletes who were a part of this year’s Olympics. Some of the sports had various first-time athletes making their debut in the event and Skateboarding was one of them. While reacting to these young athletes, Kevin said that their bones are “different at that age,” to which Snoop Dogg responded, “Yeah, milk does a body good at that age.”

Can’t wait to watch the horse crip walking!

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