From winning awards to adding things to our watchlist, this weekend influnencer's roundup gives you all the deets!

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From winning awards to adding things to our watchlist, this weekend influnencer's roundup gives you all the deets!

Some creators were honoured for their bold voices and others for their new projects, all of which we've covered in this weekend influencer's roundup that has all these updates.

Social media is known to be an effective space for raising your voice and sharing your opinion and our favourite influencers leverage this opportunity whenever they can. Whether it's through their content or opinion, they never fail to be on our minds. And this weekend influencer's roundup is all about that.

Some influencers never hesitate to touch on the subjects that need attention and Rani koHEnur aka Sushant Divgikr is one of them because of her strong voice and opinion, she won the Gay Times honour for Drag Hero at GT honours and expressed her gratitude for the honour through a post.

Being a creator is all about creating and our favourite influencers never stop working on content. We can look forward to some upcoming projects like Ranveer Singh's upcoming film Cirkus which has Radhika Bangia making an appearance. She recently shared a post introducing us to the cast of the film. The brand new season of Girls Hostel is available to stream now and fans can't be calm about it. Amidst all of that, the actors also our favourite creators shared a sneak peek of the shooting days. Talking about upcoming projects, Zakir Khan is coming up with something exciting. He is all set to embark on a North America and Canada tour with his special 'Tathastu' which is to be released on December 2 on Amazon Prime.

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Here are the updates you need to know!

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