When it comes to relaxing after a long day you can never go wrong with social media and this weekend’s influencer roundup is all about that.

You can always fight Monday blues by entertaining yourself with social media content. This weekend’s influencer roundup is all about how our favourite creators did precisely that with their content.

Dolly Singh recently shared a video with Varun Dhawan about having a werewolf as your boyfriend. With all the relatable problems, they made us believe that this concept is only good in the fictional world. Ruhee Dosani recently shared a video with Priyanka Chopra telling us how staying at home with your friend can be fun. We can see them both dancing on the beats of Jhoom Jhoom Baba.

Children’s Day doesn’t feel like it used to when we were kids. And Akshay Nayar shared a Reel which takes us back to those good memories. Masoom Minawala collaborated with actress Kajal Aggarwal and shared with us a few things that they learnt by being an entrepreneur and a mother. Social media is buzzing over T20 World Cup now and creators like Gaurav Taneja and Shubham Gaur shared content that every Indian cricket fan can relate to.

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Check out what our fave creators shared over the weekend!

How is your Monday going?

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