Announcements to new releases, a lot has happened this weekend. Scroll through this weekend’s roundup to know all the highlights.

The last few days have been an eventful one for the creators as a lot has happened that we can look forward to. This weekend’s roundup covers everything that our favorite creators did this weekend.

Mayur Jumani shares a video where he analysed the resemblance in Jubin Nautiyal’s song, ‘Aankh se aankh milao toh koyi baat bane‘ and Taher Shah’s, ‘Eye to eye makes happy killed love’ which has made us all wonder if it was really a coincidence? Another thing that has surprised us is Kusha Kapila’s cameo in Akshay Kumar’s recently released film, ‘Selfie.’ It was not pre-announced and caught us all by surprise during the film. Social media showstopper aka Sakshi Sindwani got featured on the magazine cover of another magazine GlobalSpa India, and given us another reason to keep striving to achieve the best.

Neel Salekar has recently shared the poster of ‘Kalawati’ and fans can expect to see him in this upcoming Marathi film directed by Sanjay Jadhav. Lifestyle blogger Masoom Minawala too is up to something interesting as she recently shared a picture with Kareena Kapur and hinted at how fans can anticipate something exciting. Uorfi Javed was the cover face for Dirty Magazine sharing a short film of what all happened behind the scenes.

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