Whether it’s celebrating, inspiring or creating, our favourite creators give their all to everything they do and this weekend’s roundup is all about that.

We might have got the much-needed break this weekend but our favourite creators never take a break from doing amazing things. Check all the updates in the weekend’s roundup. Ruhee Dosani celebrated her 26th birthday on March 8 but what grabbed her attention was her own graffiti face on Carter Road. She thanked the artists for this special gift on her birthday. Prableen Kaur Bhomrah too celebrated her 26th birthday on March 11 and shared a glimpse of the celebration with her fans.

Martin Garrix recently did an India tour and he recently performed in Mumbai. Having him here was already exciting but what added up to it was Divya Fofani’s attempt to make Martin Sing, “Basti ka Hasti” which is a song by MC Stan. He shared a video where he meets Martin. DJ Paroma performed at the second edition of the Colour Beach party in Dubai. She also recently released a Holi remix called Ishq vs. Helicopta. It was “Skirt Day” on March 10 and who can talk more passionately about skirts than Shivam Bhardwaj? He took this occasion to share his journey of being comfortable in skirts and it is very inspiring for everyone who is unconventional with their fashion choices.

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Here are some updates of this weekend:

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