From Malvika Sitlani's pregnancy announcement to Yahya Bootwala's upcoming India tour, this weekly influencer's roundup has covered it all

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weekly influencer's roundup

Let's have a look at everything that happened this week in our weekly influencer's roundup.

This week was all about good announcements and serotonin for us. Content creators have been having an amazing time creating content. But the most exciting thing was to see them achieve new heights. Let's have a look at the weekly influencer's roundup for all these updates.

Social media is elated with Malvika Sitlani's announcement about her pregnancy as she shared a post showing off her beautiful baby bump. Along with her husband Akhil Aryan, the two of them named their baby - Akika. In another exciting piece of news, it was a proud moment for all the admirers of Shantanu Dhopè as he was awarded the title of beauty content creator of the year by Elle India.

Creator and poetry sensation, Yahya Bootwala recently announced an India Tour expected to start on December 2 with his first show to be held in Dehradun. Karan Sonawane crossed 1M Instagram followers and expressed his happiness and gratitude by recreating one of the most popular Shahrukh Khan dialogues from Om Shanti Om. He also thanked his fans for the support and love they showed throughout this journey. Prajakta Koli and Beyounick were present at the YTFF in Singapore. The two had a blast and did not miss the opportunity to create content with International creators.

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