From creators inspiring us to announcing new beginnings, this weekly influencer's wrap has all the updates!

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weekly influencer's wrap

This weekly influencer's wrap has everything that shows how our creators never fail to inspire and entertain us with their achievements and content.

Our favourite creators never fail to amaze us with their experiments, content, and achievements. This weekly influencer's wrap has all the updates that you might have missed out on. Fitting into beauty standards has never been easy but the craze around it never seems to subside which has caused for low self-esteem now more than ever. Nishtha Gandhi shared a video highlighting how the standards for being beautiful changed with time and no matter how hard we try we can never fit in all of them. Her video also defines how being beautiful has more to do with time than ourselves. It is a truly inspiring message of body positivity. Speaking of inspiration, Vivek Sharaya has officially signed up with Mint Records. She took this moment to look back at her career which started by releasing her first album "Samsara" in 2002. She has worked hard over these years and this surely was a deserving achievement.

As we talked about new beginnings, Nupur Munot recently got engaged to Rohan Kulkarni and her engagement ceremony does look like something straight out of a fairy tale. Kusha Kapil hit another milestone with 3M followers on Instagram and she shared a post of throwback pictures to show how far she has come and how happy she is about achieving this milestone. Shark Tank is back with its second season and musician and content creator, Mayur Jumani took this opportunity to create a song he released called "I'm Out". We can see the Sharks also participating in the 1-minute music video.

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Here's what happened through the week that we've covered in this weekly social media update!

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