From fun meme trends to social media song mashups, this week's reel trends had it all

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From fun meme trends to social media song mashups, this week's reel trends had it all

This week's Instagram brought some really good song edits to our feeds. Here are some reel trends that made us move this week.

Instagram reel trends can come out of anything and anywhere. This week the song "Baaki sab theek hai" could not save itself from becoming a meme. We saw people creating some really funny reels on the audio. Instagram can never be tired from experimenting with music and this week, we come across plenty of such audio trends. We all rememeber the "Tum Tum" dance trend where we all moved to its beat. Creators have started a new trend with the song "Tum Tum" where they're embracing the Indian traditional attire.

We also had a some old songs finding their space in trends this week. Like we had Suno Aisa, Pretty woman, Dokha Dhadi on our explore pages. Creativity on Instagram has no limits and when it comes to mashups and remixes, we often find some cool stuff. This week, "People X Nainowale ne" remix made us all groove. Reels are more fun when you give up on scrolling for a while and try them. Here are some trends that you too can try.

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Check them out:

People X Nainowale ne

Baaki Sab Theek Hai

Tere Hawale

Tum Tum X Traditional >>>

Pretty Woman

Dokha Dhadi

Suno Aisha

Let's work it out

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