From "Move your body" to "Meri Jaan-E- Jaan", Instagram gave us another set of energetic Reel trends to try

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From "Move your body" to "Meri Jaan-E- Jaan", Instagram gave us another set of energetic Reel trends to try

This week, Instagram was about some really cool Reel trends that kept us pumped all week. Here are some that you too can try.

This week, Reels on Instagram was about some really cool and energetic trends that kept everyone super glued to the screen. Avneet Kaur and Nawazuddin Siddiqui's film Tiku Weds Sheru not only gave us a wholesome story but also a vibrant playlist to jam on. People have been vibing on the song of the film especially "Meri Jaan-E-Jaan" which has now become a trend on social media. Fans are not shy to show their cool moves on its addictive beats. Talking about moves, the song from Patiala House "Move your body" is everything one can see online. The trend has everyone try their hand at the choreography. Big Boss OTT 2 has created hype on social media because of its contestants and also with its anthem. It's exactly why knowing the Big Boss OTT anthem has made its space in trends this week doesn't come as a surprise.

Making some content on these dance trends would be a fun thing to do with your friends. But in case you want to create something cool, you might like the "Look at me" transition trend. It's another trend to come from Doja Cat's albums and people are really going all in. We also had creators making aesthetic content on the song "Iraadey". Depending on what you want to create, Instagram gave us some really cool options this week.

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Check out these trends:

Meri Jaan-E-Jaan


Big Boss OTT 2 Anthem


Look at me (Transition Trend)

Roaring 2020's

Kehna Hi Kya X Sun Sathiya

Laung Da Lashkara

Move your body

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