Looking back at the reel trends this week, we saw some cool songs on our feeds that made us wanna dance.

This week’s reel trends got us grooving on cool mashups, unexpected comebacks and remixes. We had songs like “Bachna ae Haseeno” and “Yoon Shabnami” making a comeback. While people showed their unapologetically confident self with one, we saw them being aesthetically beautiful on the other. Mentioning confidence brings us to the most talked about trends of the week and that is the “All eyes on me trend”. A simple trend in which people stand individually or with a group while posing for an overhead shot. The trend sets Instagram reels abuzz with these mesmerizing overhead shots representing power, unity and confidence.

Some incredible remixes also made it to our explore page and that included “Night Changes X Ajab Si”. We also had some regional songs elevating our scrolling experience. People making content on songs like “Vilambara Idaiveli”, “Aadharanjali”, “Chamkeela Angeelesi” etc. are making reels fun for not just the ones who are being a part of them but also for the ones watching it. The list from this week’s trends looks so exciting that you can’t leave without trying your own version of them.

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Here are some recommendations if you are looking to create something fun!

All eyes on me

Vilambara Idaiveli

Yoon Shabnami

Bachna Ae Haseeno

Night Changes X Ajab Si

See you Again

Chamkeela Angeelesi


Have fun creating!

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