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This week, our feeds were filled with entertainment and inspiration. Scroll through the weekly roundup to know all the major events that happened in the social media world. Ellie Goulding recently released a new album, called ‘Higher than Heaven’ and Indian Singer and creator, Aksh Baghla had a crisp chat with her over the same. Aksh Baghla has also performed a Hindi Mashup cover of one of her songs called “easy lover” that seemed to have impressed the singer. On the other hand, Avanti Nagral in her recent live show performed for song on the spot challenge. People came up with their random stories and she made a song out of that. Fans without being disappointed found Avanti’s performance soothing and engaging. Talking about singing, Yashraj Mukhate has also released a banger recently and as always, the inspiration for the piece also comes from a viral meme. “Age is doesn’t the matter guys” song literally had us all rolling with laughter.

We all love Dolly Singh for her character mimicry and she recently introduced all of us to “Pangu Bai” in a recent commercial for Tide detergent. She mentioned how the inspiration for Pangu Bai comes from the character of Gangu Bai played by Alia Bhatt. Gauhar Khan and Zaid Darbar shared a glimpse of their beautiful baby shower celebration as fans can’t wait for baby Gaza. Anindita Chatterjee talked about broken relationships and the stigma around divorce in her recent post. She mentions all the mental instability that a person goes through during this time and encourages people to look at it as a new beginning and surround themselves with a supportive and loving company.

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