From the new season of Mismatched to the launch of a new studio project, this weekly roundup will get you excited

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From the new season of Mismatched to the launch of a new studio project, this weekly roundup will get you excited

Whether it's about focusing on new projects or spreading awareness, our favourite creators always manage to have a positive influence on us and this weekly roundup is all about that.

Getting to know about all the upcoming exciting things is the perfect way to put this hectic week to an end. Scroll through this weekly roundup to have the latest updates on our favourite creators. Good news for all the people who never get tired of watching Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf's on-screen chemistry, the 3rd season of Mismatched has been confirmed and we can't wait to get to see more of it. Speaking about announcements, Manav Chhabra and Unnati Malharkar launched their own studio "Sukoon". This project is for the creators to expand their creativity, build a community that helps each other grow, and have a space where they can freely showcase all forms of art. Vivek Sharaya recently released his new single "Good Luck (You're F*cked)" and also shared a glimpse of his recent performance in Ottawa.

Social media provides us all a space to open up and share. Kritika Khurana took to the platform to share how important it is for someone to understand and support their own dreams. She talked about the same in an inspiring post. Talking about awareness, Tarini Peshawaria recently shared her opinion in the favour of live-in relationships and how they can help you know and bond with your partner better.

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Here are your weekly updates:

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