Brighten your day with this list of small human things that make us happy!

Humans are interesting creatures when it comes to life and finding happiness. There’s so much evil happening in the world that every time we listen to the news we end up cursing how bad humanity is. From all the knowledge and power that people have, they somehow choose violence to deal with issues, which is upsetting. But people are not always this bad. Humans may be complex in the way they think, act out their emotions, not act on their emotions, or try to find solutions that may not always be ideal but they are also simple beings who find happiness in the smallest things. All they need is for someone or something to do the bare minimum and they will be satisfied.

Among all the hundreds of things, we made a list of such weird, small human things that makes us happy. Each of them is sure to bring a smile to your face as you continue to scroll in agreement!

Check it out!

When you put up an Instagram story for that ‘someone’ and they see it

When you guess the plot of a movie halfway and it actually happens

When you catch the train on time and also get a seat

When you finally pick that hangnails

When you are listening to songs on shuffle and all your favorite songs play back to back

When a person texts before calling

When you leave the house during monsoons and it rains only after you reach your destination

When you find the right GIF in between a group chat before your friends change the conversation

When you pet a street dog and he loves you back


Hope you have a wonderful day!

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